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Our Approach to Consulting/Coaching

We have over a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector. We recognize your challenges and work hand-in-hand with you to find real opportunities for transformation. Depending on your needs, we may partner with other experts in the field to better serve you. In all cases, you can expect:

  • Highly-Experienced Professionals with 15-20 years of experience with unmatched operational backgrounds.
  • True Team Players that become integral part of your project team, showing true collaboration and becoming trusted advisors.
  • Practical Solutions:  In all cases, we are dedicated to delivering practical, data-driven, actionable results that improve operational performance and client experience.
  • Sustainable Outcomes: For your organization to adopt new behaviors and practices, you need processes that will evolve with changes in your operations. We work within your organization to create sustainable, scalable and innovative solutions.

What We Can Help You With?


Start Up



Objectives and Key Results



Assessment and Evaluation

Data Management

Authentic Partnerships

Governance and Leadership

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Systems and Infrastructure

Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment is a broad and rapidly growing field, with a strong theoretical and empirical base. However, you don’t have to be an assessment expert to employ sound practices within your organization. Here we present the basic concepts you need to know to become more systematic in your assessment planning and implementation.

  • CRM Strategy and Design: With a clear vision and strategy, a CRM system becomes an invaluable tool in supporting and delivering your mission. We guide you to develop a CRM vision to clearly define your needs and goals, and then build a detailed CRM strategy roadmap that serves your mission now and into the future.
  • Data Migration and Training: We further, align your strategy, technology, people and processes to match your CRM vision– while deftly guiding your team through the changes that will impact your organization.
  • Program Design and Evaluation: Program design should fit your mission, organizational capacity, funding sources, and core competencies. All programs should be designed with clear goals, outcomes, and measures. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Simplicity is best, so you end up with programs that work. We help you identify key indicators of success for which you can collect qualitative and quantitative data as part of daily program operations, using existing resources or systems.

BoardSource Governance & Leadership

No matter how sound your management practices are and how dynamic your staff are, you are missing opportunities when your board is underperforming. The same is true when your staff does not have the tools to succeed. Maximize the potential contributions of your board and staff to advance your missions.

  • Board and Staff Training: We provide training on a variety of subjects, including clarifying the roles of board and staff; attracting, cultivating, and keeping donors; understanding planned giving and creating an effective gift planning program and building a culture of philanthropy. We demystify fundraising and to change the development process from a subject of apprehension to one of excitement and opportunity.
  • Strategic Planning and OKRS: We help staff and board leadership undertake strategic planning processes that promote a deeper understanding of institutional values, an appreciation for external challenges, and a focus on critical–and often overlooked–issues.
  • BoardSource Governance and Leadership: We train board members on the role of an effective board and assess, strengthen and energize your board members to meet the challenges of today… and tomorrow

Systems & Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure matters. It’s the tools and structures that magnify our productivity. It’s the tools and structures that magnify your organization’s productivity. An organization with the right systems & infrastructure is the basis of a foundation for successful community change. But even though they’re often a major revenue source, a solid foundation of systems & infrastructure is commonly neglected.

  • 501c3 Start-Up Support: Thinking about starting a nonprofit organization? Lets our team guide you through the process.
  • Staff and Board Training: Need to develop an employee handbook? Mentoring and Coaching tools for Staff? CEO Evaluation? We can help.
  • Strategic Working Tools: Have a strategic plan that is being underutilized? You may be missing a key component that many nonprofits consultants fail to provide their clients. We implement the Objectives and Key Results (OKRS) framework to cascade and align goals at all levels of the organization.

We Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

Do you have a staff or board retreat coming up? I can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industry do you specify In?

We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry or technology quickly. Some of the markets we have served including human services, education, youth services, philanthropy, arts and culture, and environment nonprofit and educational institutions. Having said that, we believe that the value we bring to the table is not industry expertise — which you already possess in abundance — but rather an understanding of the tools and strategies that help organization’s reach new levels of effectiveness.

What’s the quick rundown on what you do, again?

I provide consulting services, which means I help companies to identify, explore, and solve problems. The end-goal is to help the client understand and improve its position, in terms of evaluating their impact, developing systems and infrastructure, and strengthening leadership and governance.

How do you work?

I prefer to keep things simple and straightforward:

We start with an initial consultation. This is a free, brief meeting in which we learn about each other and I get a deeper picture of your situation.

If there’s mutual interest, we work together to scope out a project.

After that, we execute the standard paperwork and get started.

That’s it.

I'd like to move forward, how do i start?

Glad to hear it. Contact me to get started.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I had the privilege to work alongside Kelvin to build the organizational infrastructure of a local nonprofit with great outcomes including systems and infrastructure of the organization

Katie Kellett

Program Manager, Fresno County Health Improvement Partnership

Throughout the project, Kelvin demonstrated mastery of assessment practices that supported the organization in learning and development.

Matthew Jendian

Department Chair & Professor of Sociology, California State University, Fresno