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About AP Consulting

Coaching & Consulting Philosophy

We have over a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector. We recognize your challenges and work hand-in-hand with you to find real opportunities for transformation. 

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Depending on your needs, we may partner with other experts in the field to better serve you. In all cases, you can expect:

  • Highly-Experienced Professionals with 22 years of experience with unmatched operational backgrounds.
  • True Team Players that become an integral part of your project team, showing true collaboration and becoming trusted advisors.
  • Practical Solutions:  In all cases, we are dedicated to delivering practical, data-driven, actionable results that improve operational performance and client experience.
  • Sustainable Outcomes: For your organization to adopt new behaviors and practices, you need processes that will evolve with changes in your operations. We work within your organization to create sustainable, scalable and innovative solutions.

About Me

Kelvin F. Alfaro

Kelvin F. Alfaro

Founder & CEO

Over the last six years, we have invested in supporting educational institutions, nonprofits, and government agencies to advance their mission via grantmaking, philanthropy, and strategic planning. AP Consulting’s philosophy is rooted in measurable outcomes and sharp analytical skills to ensure sound business decisions that mirror and reflect the mission and goals of your organization. Additionally, our founder is formally trained through the Nationally Accredited Fresno State’s Craig School MBA program, the Certified Nonprofit Professional from Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, BoardSource Certified Consultant, as well as a strong background in psychology and sociology.

Additionally, we incorporate lived-experiences from a bilingual, bicultural, and rural background to meaningfully partner with a spectrum of organizations and populations. These experiences allow us insights into the practical and effective methods of communicating with a range of stakeholders, building relationships, and identifying opportunities for dynamic partnerships.

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Qualifications & Experience

A strategic, well-connected executive with almost 20 years’ experience in corporate and nonprofit strategy, business, community, and program development and fundraising, and finance.


  • Masters Business Administration
  • Bachelors of Sciences in Psychology
  • Bachelors of Arts in Sociology
  • Certified Nonprofit Professional
  • Certificate of Nonprofit Board Consulting


  • 10 years in Philanthropy
  • 12 years supporting organizational success
  • 10+ years bridging research, evaluation, and practice
  • 5 years of leading program evaluation studies

Our Values

We rely on a results-based approach to leading projects, starting with the end-results in mind and reverse engineering the project plan in order to ensure success. This approach, along with our emphasis on relationship-building, supports the effective planning and implementation of your project.


People trust us to adhere to our word.


We believe in being effective managers of communities, culture, and our planet

Client Value Creation & Social Value

What we do, we do well to yours and the community’s benefit.


Meeting People Where They Are


 “together we can go far”

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Leadership Coaching

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Start Up Support

Community Outreach

Communities Organizing for Resident Empowerment

A grantmaking initiative to support Fresno residents in leading neighborhood change.

Data Management

Data barriers and opportunities

Presentation at the 2018 Homelessness Management Information System Conference.

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